The New PMP Exam Prep Bootcamp for Only $699

Totally remodeled exam content

   No 10 Knowledge Area Module

  No 5 Process Groups (Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing)

  No 49 Processes 

  Designed for both Predictive and Agile/Hybrid Projects (Unlike the old method designed only for Waterfall/Predictive Projects)

 50% of exam content is from Predictive (Traditional) and 50% is from Agile/Hybrid

  Only Three Domains (People, Process, and Business Environment)

175 Questions, 3.5-hour-long exam, two breaks, and can be taken both in-person and online

  8-10 Different types of books used to prepare the course materials (in addition to the PMBOK)

   Students who took the new exam said it is easier than the old version. Emphasis on conceptualization rather than memorization 

Additional Information 

Domains –  Tasks –  Enablers – Tools | Deliverables

Five Lessons

Lesson 1: Creating a High Performing Team (7 Tasks)

Lesson 2: Starting the Project (9 Tasks)

Lesson 3: Doing the Work (8 Tasks)

Lesson 4: Keeping the Team on Track (7 Tasks)

Lesson 5: Keep the Business In Mind (5 Tasks)



Domain I: People

14 Tasks

Manage conflict

 Lead a team

Support team performance

Empower team members and stakeholders

Ensure team members/stakeholders are adequately trained

Build a team

Address and remove impediments, obstacles, and blockers for the team

Negotiate project agreements

Collaborate with stakeholders

Build shared understanding

Engage and support virtual teams

Define team ground rules

Mentor relevant stakeholders

Promote team performance through the application of emotional intelligence


Domain II: Process

17 Tasks

Execute project with the urgency required to deliver business value

Manage communications

Assess and manage risks

Engage stakeholders

Plan and manage budget and resources

Plan and manage the schedule

Plan and manage the quality of products/deliverables

Plan and manage scope

Integrate project planning activities

Manage project changes

Plan and manage procurement

Manage project artifacts

Determine appropriate project methodology/methods and practices

Establish project governance structure

Manage project issues

Ensure knowledge transfer for project


Plan and manage project/phase closure or transitions


Domain III: Business Environment 

4 Tasks

Plan and manage project compliance

Evaluate and deliver project benefits and value

Evaluate and address external business environment changes for impact on the scope

Support organizational change


What is Included in the $699 Package?

A Unique Model 

In addition to the course materials, our participants will get access to multiple resources to help them pass the exam. Some of these materials are listed here.

PMI Prepared Course Materials

Students will receive both print and electronic copies of the course materials.

Pay for One and Attend Anytime

We encourage students to take multiple sessions to make sure that they are well prepared for the exam.

Access to over 2500 Practice Exam Questions and Simulations

Our 2500+ practice exam questions are arranged  as unit quizzes,  domain questions and four full length exam simulations.

PMI Exam Application Support

We will walk you through your exam application process.

Support for 60 PDU

We provide access to webinars, seminars, and Community of Practices (CoP) to students to fulfill the 60 hours of Professional Development Units (PDU).

High Level Summary Sheet

Summary of key takeaways from each unit.  


35 Hours of Project Management Education

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion for the 35 hours of training required to sit for the exam.

Access to the Online Course Materials

In addition to the live virtual training, students will get access to the MGTC learning management system.

Access to Mobile App

In addition to the online platform,  students will get access to the mobile app for practice exam questions.

Tutoring and Study Group

We will provide tutoring and a platform for online study groups including discussion forums and advice from students who passed the exam.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors have extensive experience, teaching various courses of project management, in the industry and other higher educational institutes.

Predictive and Agile Case Study Projects

To support the students’ learning experience.

Zoom Breakout Sessions for Group Projects

The class has several activities and students  will have Zoom breakout sessions to discuss their tasks.

We based our training on the Theory of Andragogy (Adult Learning) and ‘Adaptive Adult Learning in the Age of Information Overload’  by breaking each session to 20-30 minutes. 

Predictive and Agile Project Case Studies and Role-Based Learning Included

We have developed a case study playbook to help course participants relate the concepts to daily project work both in predictive (traditional) and Agile/Hybrid projects.

At the beginning of the course, participants will have an assigned role similar to the real project and they play that role throughout the session. 

Predictive Project Case Study - Building a 20 Story Apartment in DC

A developer in New York wants to build a 20 story apartment in DC area for the growing demand of one, two, and three rooms. Your project team is assigned to plan, executive, monitor/control, and close the project. 

Agile/Hybrid Project Case Study - Developing Patient Management System

A local hospital would like to introduce a “Patient Management System” to better manage its business processes. You are asked to use the Agile/Iterative methodology. All roles, artifacts, and ceremonies are defined. Based on the assigned role you will support the project. 

Read from our Students who Passed the PMP Exam

Not only do our students share their good news with us but they also come back and support the community by sharing their experiences, test taking strategies, and materials through our members-only discussion forum portal. Below are a few testimonials. 

I would like to share the good news with you about successfully passing my PMP exam. I am very happy that I achieved this benchmark with your support and guidance. I thank Dr. T and his colleagues from Maryland Global University. 

Amin Shafiee

Thank you Dr. T for helping me passing the PMP exam


My jaw dropped, and my eyes started to tear after I pressed submit and saw a sentence open with “Congratulations.” Last night, I passed my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam! It is impossible to quantify the number of hours, days, and weeks I’ve spent studying for this critically important milestone in my career. Special thanks to my professor Dereje Tessema for coaching me earlier this year and to my employer American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) for investing in me to achieve this goal. I studied. I prayed. I did it!

Markus Proctor

I just wanted to share that I passed the PMP exam this morning with above targets in each category!
Thanks so much for your help,


Antanique Adegbesokun, PMP

Passed the exam this morning (I rescheduled it twice to ensure I was fully prepared). Wanted to share the good news. That thing was HARD! LOL. Thanks to you and Dr. T for helping make this happen. 🙂

Laurin Stamps, MPH

I just wanted to let you all know that on Friday I was able to pass my PMP Exam! I just wanted to share some tips on how to prepare for the exam that worked for me and my overall experience with the test….

Abenzer Endale

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